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  • My Skincare Routine

    My Skincare Routine

    Taking care of your skin is one of the most important things to do, especially in the cold, winter months! I remember when i was younger, i didn’t take care of my skin at all, which, when looking back at it, i regret so much! Right now i do ‘a lot’ for my skin to […]

  • All-time favorite lipsticks

    All-time favorite lipsticks

    Everyday is a party, especially with a funky pop of color on the lips. Popping purple, flashy fuchsia or rebel red, the funkier the better in my opinion! I’m sharing my favorite lipsticks today (already shared my favorite highlighters, click here if u didn’t read it already!) . Let me know in the comments what […]

  • What my morning looks like during quarantaine!

    What my morning looks like during quarantaine!

    in collaboration with saltoftheearth Today, it is time to show you what my morning routine looks like during these weird times in quarantaine. It isn’t as strict anymore as the past weeks/months (which i am VERY happy about), but it still doesn’t feel normal for anyone, i guess.. Sooo i thought this would be a […]

  • 3 budget looks under €50

    3 budget looks under €50

    Hey guys! I’m back with another fashion post. I love creating oufits, i really do. I find it even more fun when i can tell somebody it didn’t even cost that much. SO today is the day, i will be creating three outfits, under 50 euros!!! I decided to create three outfits in three different […]

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